Polyurethane Foam Insulation and More in Collingwood

Not all insulations are made the same. Some are made from fibreglass others foam; some insulation types are just rolled out and inserted into place while others have to be sprayed or blown into place. Given the variety of insulation available, SoundSeals Insulation made sure we could offer them all by properly training our team. From traditional batt insulation in your older Muskoka home to spray polyurethane foam insulation for Collingwood area renovation projects, we have the skills and know-how to install the insulation that works best for you. While we specialize in spray foam and blown-in insulation, we also provide other insulation-related services to Central Ontario including:

Batt Insulation

When people think of insulation, often they’re thinking of this fibreglass or mineral wool option. The most cost-effective option – and also tried and true for nearly 80 years -- batt insulation comes in thick rolls or pieces and is hung between walls and under flooring or on poured foundations. SoundSeals Insulation has the expertise to fit these rolls of insulation perfectly into building spaces so that the insulation is neither compressed (lowering its effectiveness) nor too loose (allowing air passage). For our green customers, batt insulation can be made from recycled cotton and mineral wool. Batt insulation is best used for spaces with little to no obstructions.

Foam Insulation Board

If you’re a supporter of environmentally friendly living, you may want to look into 4x8 foam insulation board. This type of insulation is best installed during new construction projects were there are still unfinished walls or unvented roofs. SoundSeals Insulation can expertly install this rigid insulation in your attic or elsewhere to reduce energy bills. First, we’ll safely remove any existing insulation, protecting your walls from damage during this step and the next, which is installation of the foam boards. We’ll caulk places where foam board meets support structures so air won’t leak. Finally, our technicians will cover the entire foam boarded area with a vapour barrier sheet to keep moisture out.

Polyicynene Foam Insulation

Another type of insulation we are equipped to install here at SoundSeals Insulation is polyicynene foam insulation, which goes between walls, below floors and above ceilings to cut off air leaks – especially around light fixtures and electrical outlets. You’ll feel fewer drafty spots after we apply polyicynene foam insulation, and you’ll notice fewer allergies, as mould that usually results from condensation between your walls is prevented. Also, as with all effective insulation, your energy bills will be reduced.

Loose-Fill Fibreglass Insulation

Often called drill-and-fill insulation, Loose-Fill Fibreglass Insulation keeps your home quiet and comfortable. This dense-pack wall insulation grows to fill the space into which it is applied – even around electrical boxes, pipes and wires. This fibreglass material, once SoundSeals Insulation technicians have expertly applied it, is mould- and mildew-resistant. Fibreglass insulation’s versatility makes it a great choice for any space, from the attic to exterior walls.

In Georgian Bay and the Muskoka Region

We can do insulation work on your island or boat accessible property. SoundSeals Insulation can bring materials and installers over in our boat, or take our trucks over on the local barges. Call us today for a free quote.

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