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The Importance of Insulating Your Cottage

More than 80% of Canada's population lives in an urban setting, and most live within 100 miles of the US border. However, for more rural and isolated Canadians, life can be very challenging. Part of the reason for this is that cottages are still quite common in Canada, and taking care of a cottage is very different from taking care of a house or apartment. There are things you'll need to do for a cottage that you wouldn't do in other homes. One important part of taking care of a cottage is installing insulation. We'll talk about how to install insulation and why you should in this article.

What is Insulation?

Insulation is a layer of material that is packed into the walls and ceilings of a building to protect it from wind and extreme temperatures. Insulation comes in several different forms and is made from many different materials, which gives you several different insulation options. The earliest material used for insulation was probably mud. The first houses were made from mud bricks, which are great at absorbing heat and keeping homes cool. In fact, a few ancient mud-brick houses still have people living in them.


Keeping homes heated and cooled naturally, or even semi-naturally, means that less electricity is needed because the HVAC system doesn't need to be used as often.Using these systems less is a major advantage, especially with the prices of gas and electricity rising so high. Between political events in Europe and the movement towards greener energy, this isn't likely to slow down anytime soon.

Improved Health

Let's face it, humans weren't built for extreme cold. Our immune systems don't work as well in cold climates, which unfortunately includes much of Canada. One advantage of insulating your home is that the effects of the cold will be reduced. Insulation helps with more than just viruses. Mold isn't something many of us think of when discussing illnesses, but it can make people sick and has done so on multiple occasions. Mold grows on wet surfaces, and is especially well-suited to wood. Insulation does wonders for mold prevention, which could keep you healthier. This is especially important for the more isolated areas, which are more subject to weather and the elements.

Fire Resistant

A housefire is every homeowner's worst nightmare. Even if the fire doesn't spread quickly, and everyone can get to safety, there's still a good chance you lose some of your possessions. Insulation is designed to be fire-resistant for that reason. Most types of insulation can handle very high temperatures, often 300 degrees Fahrenheit or more before catching fire themselves. This can help slow down a housefire if nothing else.

Cottage Insulation: Why You Need it

If you live in a cottage, proper insulation is a must. We've discussed some of the benefits insulation provides, but there's a lot more to know. You can learn more about insulation by reading our blog. If you have any questions or are in need of insulation-related services, feel free to contact us at Soundseals Insulation.


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