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If your energy bills are increasing and you’re feeling cold, chances are your home needs the services of an insulation contractor. Insulation contractors can help you uncover savings and increase comfort by identifying areas in your home that could benefit from insulation upgrades. Our team at SoundSeals Insulation is on standby and ready to provide you with expert advice and free in-home assessments in Parry Sound and the whole of Muskoka. We are proficient in various insulating techniques like spray foam insulation. SoundSeals Insulation is also the preferred contractor for raising or leveling your concrete slabs using the deep foam injection technique in the Muskoka area.

Deep foam injection is one of the latest technologies for concrete leveling, soil stabilization as well as filling voids in walls or the ground. Since the technique fills cavities in your walls and underground, it can also be used to improve or repair the insulation in your property. Opting for deep foam injection is like upgrading your wall insulation levels. This type of insulation is done by injecting the foam into the cavities of the wall and helps to keep you more comfortable by keeping your home warm in the winters and cool in the summers.

Deep foam injection is also a cost-effective insulating technique, which helps to cover the air leaks and voids present in the wall cavity and are difficult to reach. This in turn results in keeping your energy bills significantly low. Call SoundSeals Insulation to book our deep foam injection service today.

Deep Foam Injection Technique Applications

Deep foam injection is a surface stabilization technique in which foam is installed deep under the walls or ground to fill any voids and increase the load-bearing capacity of the surface. The technique is commonly used in the following applications:

  • Seawall repair - It can be used to fix high-flow leaks and cavities in the seawall.

  • Soil stabilization - It can be used to bind the soil and create a good base for the concrete surface above.

  • Seal leaks in insulation - It can be used to fill any voids or cavities in insulation, improving its functionality.

  • Raising concrete - You can raise a concrete surface by filling the ground below with foam using this technique.

Benefits of Deep Foam Injection in Parry Sound

Here are a few advantages of using this technique in your property:

  • It repairs unstable or weak soil and strengthens the concrete surface above

  • It levels concrete surfaces and eliminates slopes

  • It increases the load-bearing capacity of the surface

  • It is a permanent form of repair and never changes shape once hardened

  • It easily fills voids and cavities in the ground or your walls

Difference Between Spray Foam and Deep Injection Foam

Spray foam insulation looks similar to deep injection foam, but are different in nature in the following manner:

  • Spray foam is mainly used to insulate the open areas of the house, such as the attic and crawl spaces. In contrast, deep injection foam can be used as an insulation and air barrier to seal enclosed cavities in the walls.

  • The spray foam is of high density and expands to many times its original size. It then contracts and hardens to form a permanent insulation for air, moisture and temperature.

  • But, the injection foam does not expand after it is applied. It flows freely throughout the wall cavity getting into cracks and crevices that other kinds of insulation can’t reach to.

How Do We Do It?

Deep injection foam does not require for the walls to be teared down completely, it can be done by just drilling of holes. You don’t really have to wait until the next renovation of your house for its insulation.

First of all, the part of the house to be insulated is drilled with holes. For homes with aluminum or vinyl siding, a piece is removed from the side, and the hole is drilled. This process helps us to get access to each stud cavity. Then an application hose is inserted, and the injection foam is applied. The injecting foam can totally fill an empty cavity, eliminating air spaces and sealing all air leaks before the foam hardens. Our experienced contractors can know that the cavity is completely filled by timing the cavity fill. After the installation is done, the drilled holes are filled up with plugs, and the sidings are replaced.

At SoundSeals Insulation, we have a knowledgeable and experienced team to help you with your foam insulation services. Contact us to know more about deep foam injection in Parry Sound and all of Muskoka area.

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