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insulation contractors in Huntsville Ontario

Many people are concerned about personal safety when it comes to spray foam insulation in their homes. How can you know that it is safe? When spraying any type of chemical inside your home, you might have a few hang-ups about the potential safety hazards that go along with it. For this reason, it’s important that you have someone experienced on deck like insulation contractors when deciding to install spray foam insulation for your home or business.

When installed properly and under the right conditions, this type of insulation is perfectly safe. Here at SoundSeals Insulation, we offer safe and professional services to ensure the job is done right. Let us take you through a few different ways you can stay safe when installing your spray foam insulation. Safety Precautions Like most other construction, spray foam does present hazards during installation, luckily these hazards are easily avoidable if you follow the proper safety precautions. Soundseals Insualtion team of professional and trained insulation contractors in Huntsville will make sure that you and your family are safe. During installation the trained experienced installers all wear a variety of protective equipment, designed to keep them safe. After installation they will ensure proper ventilation to allow for off-gassing to clear out of the building. During installation and for a period afterwards nobody should inhabit the areas where the spray foam was applied. Once off-gassing is complete, the air quality of the building is safe. Safety Benefits • Since it seals off all the crevices and gaps closed cell spray foam insulation doesn’t allow air movement through the insulated area, meaning that pollens and other allergens can’t make their way inside. This makes for better quality air in the home. • Since closed cell spray foam is a vapour barrier and it doesn’t attract mold or fungus, it will help control indoor humidity and condensation and will prevent dangerous mould growth in homes. • Since it seals to the surface it is applied to, closed cell spray foam will prevent rot or moisture build up behind it and protect your home from unseen damage for decades. When to Use Spray Foam Insulation We recommend using spray foam insulation for any job that requires long-lasting and eco-friendly material that will keep the elements out of your home or business. For spray foam, blow in blanket insulation and more; make an appointment with us at SoundSeals Insulation. We’ll make sure the job is done quickly and safely. Click here for more of our products and services and decide which one is right for you.


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